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Croatia vacation adventure tours
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Vacation in Croatia | Adventure tours rafting safari kayaking

Adventure tours

Adventure tours Croatia

Spending vacation in Croatia? Inspire yourself with adventure!
See our list of adventure tours and enjoy kayaking, rafting, canoeing, safari...

Adventure involves exploring something new, exciting and feeling the thrill of adrenalin rush. There is no better way to escape every day city life and merge with nature than to be a part of an adventure.

IQ travel agency provides numerous one day adventure tours and multi day tours, which can be modified according to your needs (extreme adventure, adventure, family day in the nature).
Our adventure tours are guided by experienced and well trained guides.

Pick yor adventure level and book adventure tour in Croatia!

 Croatia rafting Cetina river Rafting on Cetina river

Feel the three hour combination of relaxation and adventure on Cetina river. Enjoy breathtakening scenery with rapids,Cetina canyon, cave and crystal clear water.

Rafting tour lasts approximately three hours.Lincesed guide (skipper) will give you full equipment. This fun and tempting excursion is suitable for almoust all ages (minimum age:8 ) because river rapids are not difficult . Water temperature is between 14 °C and 19 °C so you can enjoy swimming in few stops during this rafting tour.

Extras: organized lunch.

Croatia canyoning Cetina river Canyoning on Cetina river

Canyoning is great adventure in which you can choose difficulty level between Standard and Extreme canyoning. Feel the adrenalin rush while swimming, walking and runing through tunnels, Cetina waterfalls and canyon. Canyoning is probably the best way for you to merge with nature.

Canyoning tour lasts between 3.30-4.30 hours. You will get full equipment at the begining of advenure from your professional guide. Water temperature is between 14 °C and 19 °C so you can enjoy the river. There is few spots for diving, but only in the places your guide allowes you.

Extreme canyoning includes rope lowering and using alpine equipment. The hight from you are being lowered is 53 meters and after that comes a smaller waterfall 18 meters.

Extras: organized lunch.

Croatia Canoe trip Cetina river Canoe trip on Cetina River

Canoe trip is a great way to discover and feel Cetina river magic. The crystal clear water and a river suitable for swimming offers a true experience of untouched nature. Canoe trip is suitable for begginers, families and it does not require previous knowledge.

Canoe exursion lasts approximately three hours. Lincesed guide (skipper) will give you full equipment. Water temperature is between 14 °C and 19 °C so you can enjoy swimming in few stops. Fun and relaxing adventure that will refresh you on a hot summer day.

Extras: organized lunch.

Croatia sea kayaking Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking is fun and interesting way to discover magic of Dalmatian coast. Paddling along the coast is easy and it lasts between 2.30-4.30 hours (it depends on location you choose). Cliff diving is possible in Baška Voda but not in Trogir. Fun adventure suitable for all ages is guided by well trained professional guide.

Croatia jeep safari Jeep safari

Off road jeep safari is exciting adventure that gives you adventures insight in old Dalmatian villages and traditional way of life. Drivers and guides will accompany you on this off road adventure and explain traditional way of life and introduce you with the history of this area. Jeep safari lasts 5 to 6 hours and it includes a lunch and drink.

Croatia rock climbing Rock climbing

Rock climbing gives you amazing feeling after conquering the mountain you have climbed on. The sport in which you need fitness, control and strength is now available as one day adventure. IQ travel agency provides you with well trained professional guide/instructor and full equipment. This program lasts 4 hours and does not require previous experience.

Extras: organized lunch.

Croatia paintball Paintball

Paintball is the game in which you have to use your brain to plan tactics to eliminate opponents with capsulas containing paint. Minimum people to play this game is 12. You will be divided into two teams and the winner is the team which defeats opponent team by tagging them with colour. Paintball is great game for team bulidings and group fun sports.

The game lasts approximately four hours and we provide you full full equipment and instructions.

Extras: organized lunch.
Paintball can be combined with lunch and rafting so you can enjoy full day adventure.

Croatia horse riding Horse riding

Feel the freedom and taste Croatian natural beauty while riding in the countryside. Horse riding program is adjusted to suit everybody. IQ travel agency provides programs for begginers and experts with well trained professional instructors who will be with you in every horse riding adventure you choose. This is the best way to enjoy hidden nature treasures, unspoilt old villages, fields, mountains and inspire youself with Croatian landscape charm on a well trained horses. Relax and ride through your holidays.

IQ travel agency provides horse riding programs as a one day tour or several day tour.

Croatia biking tours Biking tours

Biking tour programs offer you a new way of sightseeing and exploring the city and it surroundings. Bicycle programs are guided and we adjust them according to your needs. One of the best ways to have an active vacation is to join us on a bicycle.

The game lasts approximately four hours and we provide you full full equipment and instructions.

Extras: organized lunch.

Motorcycle expeditions Croatia Motorcycle expeditions Croatia

Travelling to Croatia with your motorbike? Then we have a suggestion for you.
Motorbike is a way of life that gives you a new dimension on travelling and sightseeing. Enjoying and exploring stunning landscapes, mountains, hidden nature treasures, unspoilt old villages and feeling Croatian coast charm on a motorcycle is ideal way to spend your vacation.

IQ travel team provides you with one day or several days guided motorcycle expedition that can be adjusted according to you needs. Feel the freedom of traveling.

Adventure tours Croatia Croatia vacation adventure tours