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Did you know about Croatia?

Considering a vacation in Croatia?

Read on to know some interesting facts and amazing information about Croatia to improve your travel.

Croatia The smallest cathedral in the world is located in Nin, Zadar.

Croatia The oldest communal theatre in Europe was built in Hvar in the year 1612.

Did you know about Croatia The world's first Sea Organ that creates music only by the action of the wind and waves is in Zadar.

travel to Croatia First hydro power plant in the world was "Iskrice" (1895.), made in the city of Sibenik on the river Krka, Croatia.

Travel to Croatia It has a population of only 23 people, Hum in Istria, Croatia is officially a town and the Guinness World Record holder for
         the smallest town in the world.

vacation in Croatia Croatians have their own alphabet or set of letters. It is called "Glagolitic" and emerged in the 9th century and was in daily use,
         along with the Latin alphabet, up to the 18th century.

Croatia Have you ever touched a sculpture older than 4,000 years? Come to Split and see the Sphinx of Egypt by the Roman Emperor
         Diocletian's palace in the centre, brought out of Egypt along with the Latin alphabet, up to the 18th century.

Croatia The White House was built of Croatian stone, from the island of Brac, as well as the New Palace (Vienna, Austria),
         the Parliament building (in Vienna, Austria), the Parliament Building (Budapest, Hungary) and the palace of Roman emperor
         Diocletian (Split, Croatia).

Croatia information There is a Ulysses' cave on the island of Mljet. It was named after a story which says that a famous adventurer stranded on the
         nearby cliff Ogiron, where he met the nymph Calypso with whom he fell in love, and spent unforgettable moments in her company.

Did you know about Croatia Croatia is the homeland of the world renowned traveller Marco Polo. 13th century explorer is known as one of the first Westerners
         to travel the Silk Road to China and visit the Mongol Empire. The journey took 24 years, he passed some 25,000 km - became a
         confidant of Kublai Khan, and he served 17 years. According to a local tradition, he was born on the island of Korčula in 1254 to a
         family of merchants. The surname is still found on the island..

Croatia travel Kumrovec – the birth place of Josip Broz Tito. Its main attraction is the Ethnological museum Staro Selo (old village) Kumrovec with
         well preserved village houses from the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century. So far, some 40 houses and other commercial
         objects were renovated, which makes Staro Selo the most attractive place of such kind in Croatia.

Croatia There is a world rarity in the Archeological museum in Zagreb, the Zagreb mummy. Nesi-hensu, the wife of Aher-hensu, "the divine
         tailor" from Thebes, is the name of a mummified woman who was wrapped in cut ribbons of Zagreb linen book which represents the
         longest preserved text in Etruscan language and the only preserved sample of linen book in the entire Ancient world.

Travel to Croatia The carnival in Rijeka is not only the biggest in Croatia but also one of the most attractive carnivals in Europe! Over 100,000
         merrymakers witness the main parade, made up of around 150 colourfully costumed groups from different countries.
         The impressive appearance of Zvončari (the bellmen) – covered in sheep skins and dancing to the deafening noise of the bells so as
         to scare away evil spirits of winter – is a fascinating folk custom that makes for a first-rate tourist attraction.

Vacation in Croatia The first tie came from Croatia and today it is worn daily by 600 million men around the world. The cravat or tie has been a part of
         the Croatian national costume from ancient times. According to Croatian tradition, before a soldier set off for war, his girlfriend or
         wife would give him a narrow scarf to wear around his neck to remind him of her love. Its modern variety originated in the 1630's,
         Croatian mercenaries enlisted as a support to the reigning king Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu came to France. One particular
         detail when of their military attire caught the Parisian attention. It was an unusual scarf knotted at their necks. The French readily
         accepted the new fashion and switched from ruffs to the new loose cravats under the shirt collar. The word cravat itself actually
         reveals its Croatian origin, since the French version cravate derives from the mispronunciation of the word Croat.

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