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Rent a friend

Rent a friend in Croatia
You are arriving to a new town and you would like to meet and hang out with people who live there?
Meeting local people can sometimes be hard especially if you are staying only for a few days. If you want be entwined by the city spirit then it`s a must that you meet the locals.

Rent a Friend is a service that provides foreign language speaking local friendly people who will walk you through the city, show you good restaurants, local clubs, bars, beaches, give you insight into real city life, including advice what to avoid.

Rent a friend in Croatia and ensure yourself a perfect vacation!

Who knows, maybe you will be speaking some Croatian language when you go home. For those who aren't lucky enough to have friends positioned around the world IQ team is here to give you full insight in local customs, local cultures...

It is always great to meet new friends...and there is no better place to start making friends than here. Send us request and we will provide you your new friend.

Rent a friend in Croatia