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Tornado boat islands excursion

Tornado boat islands excursion


Discover distant and inaccessible destinations, taste domestic specialties, experience spectacular landscapes and take a dive in one of the most clear and most beautiful seas on the planet!

Beauty and secrets of Croatian islands - distant island of Vis, such as famous Blue Cave, Green Cave, lagoon Stiniva and some more prestige destinations such as Hvar, with our boats are at your fingertips and waiting for you on the horizon.

Tornado boat islands excursion Tornado boat islands excursion Boat excursion islands Croatia Croatia islands

Departure from Split to Bisevo Island.
Upon arrival you will enter a smaller boat just to enter Blue Cave. After the visit to the Blue Cave we are continuing our trip to the Stiniva Lagoon where you will have free time enjoy where you will have some time to enjoy the lagoon /20 to 30 minutes/. We are departing to the Green Cave by boat enjoying the magical landscape view to the Vis Island. After we visit the Green Cave we are continiuing by boat to the Plamizana Island where you will have free time (approx. 2 hour and 30 minutes) to enjoy the sea, nature and/or to have lunch. Departure for Hvar Island and free time at your leisure.

Boats: Boats of our choice are RIB boats (rigid inflatable boats) made by famous British boat builder Tornado Boats. These boats are constructed for extreme conditions, hull design, rugged construction and high power allows safe and fast sailing in rough sea conditions, when other boats are staying in the ports. Tornado boats are used in various army, police, SAR organizations worldwide, as well as in offshore industry , and numerous commercial applications. They are all NATO approved, and represent the best of this type of boats. All our boats are equipped with powerful, state of the art four stroke outboards , which are guarantee of safety and reliability.

All our boats are equipped with top-line safety and navigational equipment:
Tornado boat islands excursion lifejackets and life rings
Boat excursion islands Croatia fire extinguishers
Tornado boat islands excursion signal rockets and flares
Croatia islands excursion VHF/DSC station
Blue cave Bisevo GPS plotter/radar/echosounder

Special Conditions: Our skippers will help you with advice , and also reserve the right to alter or cancel tour if they estimate it is in interest of safety and comfort of our clients! All safety instructions from staff must be adhered to.

Availability: You must book your place on the tour at least one day before the trip by e-mail, message or in person so we can give you the exact meeting point and time of departure as well as the number of places available on each tour.

Starts from: Split City center

Departure times: 8.00 AM (or as agreed for each group)

Duration of the tour: 10 hours

Activity price: 110€
The price includes: equipment, insurance and skipper.

Organized transfers: Pick up in front of your accommodation by agreement.
Price on request.

Bisevo island Bisevo

With an area of only 6 km2, Biševo is the farthest inhabited island from the mainland of Croatia's Adriatic sea, located about 7-8 km southwest of the Island of Vis. One of the most outstanding attractions of the Adriatic can be found right here, below the rocks of Biševo: this is the Blue Cave (or Blue Grotto). The island has been inhabited for at least a thousand years, next to the church built in the 11th c. a benedictine monastery was founded, as well - then, the monastery moved to Vis Island, to.

Blue cave Blue cave

The main appeal of the island is the Blue Cave (Modra špilja). During the hours around noon the rays of the sun paint the sea in the hall of the cave blue, creating a spectacular ambience in the grotto. First described and painted by Baron Eugen von Ransonet, the cave was originally accessible only by diving as it had one natural entrance below the sea level. Based on his suggestion, an artificial entrance large enough for small boats was built in 1884.. It is through this submarine-like opening on the ceiling of the cave that sunlight gets in and creates an iridescent blue glowing effect all around the cave. As well, a stone bar, connecting two walls of the cave, is clearly visible just below the waterline, both in above-water photographs and in underwater photos.

Stiniva Cove lagoon Stiniva lagoon (Cove)

Stiniva Cove on island Vis is one of the most popular and certainly most famous coves on the Adriatic shore. This is due to it's unprecedented beauty and numerous photos taken by enthusiastic travelers.

Green cave island Vis Green cave

On the south side of Island Vis, from the bay of Rukavac, you will find the small island of Ravnik. Her southwestern side conceals another natural wonder – the Green Cave. Beams of sunlight pass through the crevasses in the cave’s domed ceiling, shooting green colored reflections back and forth within the cave’s interior. The result is a divine effect of green illumination. The cave is called “green“ because of the green relection permeating from the sea floor, resulting from an abundance of green algae located at the rocky base of the cave’s entrance. The Cave has two large entrances and is very accommodating, allowing visitors easy entrance with their motorboats. Swimming is permitted. An exceptional natural phenomenon, it’s an especially attractive diving spot.

Palmizana island Palmizana

Palmizana is the popular name for the small island of St. Klement. It is one of islands in the unique Paklinski archipelago renowned for its beauty. In the Southern Adriatic Sea, Palmižana is located just off the coast of the town of Hvar on the island of Hvar, island which has the most hours of sun of all places in the Mediterranean.

Hvar Croatia Hvar

Welcome to Hvar, an ancient city with rich history. With its architecture, beautiful nature and mild climate many would describe it as a true fairy-tale city.When we add to the natural beauties, a high quality accommodation and Mediterranean cordiality and courtesy city of Hvar becomes an ideal destination for couples, families and parties holidays. But, no matter from which point this town is approached, Hvar straightway presents itself as a monument. Centuries have ground its stone, epochs, above all renaissance, have shaped its appearance. Monuments within monuments, monuments on monuments. Hvar is a jewel hidden by the time.

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